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Let us support you with classes for all levels and endless opportunities to improve your wellness and health.
Bring the essence of A Breath of Yoga into your life!

*Our Yoga studio is also available for individual, private or semi-private classes,

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New Class

Qigong inspired by Tai Chi

Described as "moving meditation", this slow motion form of martial arts is a proven stress-buster. Research shows, it can increase strength, balance and mood. 

Beginner Classes

Gentle Flow Yoga Beginner Level 1

This class is great for beginner student as well as experienced students who prefer a slower paced or more relaxed practice. The class focuses on building strength and relaxation through warm ups and a mixed series of postures as well as incorporating a gentle flow.

Open to All Level Classes

All Levels For A Pain Free Body

A Pain Free Body class we focus on specific parts of the body where tension tends to accumulate and through movements and yoga postures you are guided safely in order to establish equilibrium in your body.

Yoga For Every Body

Vinyasa Slow Flow (OPEN All Levels) Create body awareness, opening and increase strength by holding each pose for 5 slow breaths in this gentle but deep approach to yoga.

Let the day go. Breathe, move, stretch and strengthen with Robyn. A fun class, sometimes gentle and you may even find yourself building muscle too! This class is for everybody.

From beginners, who may feel intimidated by yoga, to a more experienced practice. This class is for all body types.

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates Open All Levels

Yoga speaks to find calm and stillness in an increasingly chaotic world. With the combination of Yoga and Pilates this class focuses on alignment, movement and breath. The teacher incorporates magic circles and guides you throughout the class.

Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Classes

Advanced beginner and Intermediate classes are designed for those who have experienced yoga and for those who have a good understanding of the basic yoga postures. We practice proper alignment and breath control and we explore a wider variety of poses as classes progress. Classes end with meditation and deep relaxation.

Yoga Flow (Advance Beginner)

A smooth vinyasa to increase energy and strength and to develop a graceful attitude on and off the mat.

Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow (Level 1 and 2) (New Class)

The main focus of this class is centered around the fluid movements of soft and hard form Vinyasa and how to expand this philosophy to create flow in your daily life - a variety of yoga postures -both easy and challenging will be used.

Yoga Flow (Advance Beginner/Intermediate)

A combination of vinyasa with static postures to increase heat for a strong and flexible mind and body.

Vinyasa Flow with Alignment, (Level 1 and 2)

Coordinate movement and breath into a flowing series of poses. Yogic fundamentals and body alignment are practiced in every class helping develop a solid yoga foundation. Classes end with meditation and deep relaxation.

Vinyasa Power Yoga Flow (Level 3 and 4)

An advanced level power yoga flow through postures including arm balances (e.g. crow/side crow): inversions (e.g. headstand/ shoulder stand) and binding (e.g. bound half-moon/ extended side angle).
Note: This class is not recommended for beginners or yogis who do not have any advanced poses in their regular practice.

Mindful Meditation Classes & Forest Yoga

Mindfulness & Prana:

Learn basic methods for training the mind and understanding Prana, being mindful of Prana & how to experience Qi or Chi.

Basic Mindfulness:

Meditation gives us more stability, clarity, and strength for our daily activities. You will learn basic techniques of the art of mindfulness practice. Short discussions on dharma & what is means to work directly with mind.

Training the mind and body:

Forest Yoga with mental training. During this session we will focus on ind training techniques, and practice how to apply these methods while doing Forest Yoga.

Children's Classes

Yogi Kid's Class: description of 4 to 6 YR Old Yoga Classes

We use animated poses and basic stretching exercises, which promote
strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control. Using interactive games and animated postures, kids learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy. Most of all, we have fun!

Yogi Kid's Class: description of 10 to 13 YR Old Yoga Classes

Expanding minds and maturing bodies come together through independent and group activities that stimulate preteens and teens physical strength, emotional balance and self-confidence. Classes integrate traditional sun salutations, poses, flowing sequences, breathing exercises, partner work, deep relaxation and meditation techniques. Yoga provides a sanctuary from the pressures of school, friends, and just growing up. Kids leave feeling successful and light.

Special Needs Classes (Adults or Children)

For all those that cannot get to the floor. Ever feel Yoga is out of your reach? Than Therapeutic Yoga is the answer for you. You too will be able to do all the traditional Yoga poses with the aids of props, such as "chairs, blocks, straps, and the wall". You will never need to get to the floor to have a complete Yoga experience. Reach your full Yoga potential practicing Therapeutic Yoga!

*Recommended that special needs students take private classes.

Workshops {To Register, Please Call (914) 833-1210}

Pilates Masterclass

Instructor: Stephanie Slawek

You will be guided through a Pilates workout tailored to your fitness level, with an in-depth explanation of principles and form. You will learn how to adapt the exercises to your body to get stronger, safely. This class will help you develop a deeper core awareness that will make daily activities feel easier, increase your confidence in your ability to do the exercises effectively and improve your posture so you will leave feeling lighter and freer!

Hips Don't Lie

Hip Opener Workshop
Instructor: Robyn Bombace-Vazquez

Most of us are sitting or standing for the greater part of the day because of our sedentary lifestyle. Our hips bear the result of this and in turn become tense and tight. We also tend to hold a lot of mental and emotional stress in the hips, which increases the stiffness.

In this workshop we will explore the HIP joint in detail and discover how intelligent work can enhance and deepen the physical Yoga practice and also day to day life, bringing our life to a new level of comfort and understanding.

To get an in depth perspective we will learn the anatomy of the hip joint and also about the injuries with it. This will be followed by the deeper study of hip area in the subtle body, the energy flow associated with it and unblocking the energy blocks through practice of breath, movement and meditation as mentioned in the traditional Hatha Yoga scriptures. All of this, along with more than an hour of in depth physical asanapractice with specifics on alignment, flow and techniques to take the practice deeper.

Workshop/Masterclass Prices: Workshop/Masterclass Posted Monthly
$50 in advance, $55 week of, $60 same day.